EE 552 Power System Dynamics and Stability (Fall 2022)

Graduate level class on how to think about power system dynamics, from various models to current challenges. We will develop a rigorous way of looking at system dynamics and explain what measures are taken and what control schemes are implemented to maintain the stability of power systems. We will get to a point where we can read and understand advanced methods as described in recent papers published in the scientific literature. Course Website

EE 555 PMP: Data Science for Power Systems (Spring 2022)

Graduate level class on using data science tools in power systems. This course explores how data is generated in power systems and how are new technologies impacting the amount and quality of datasets, understanding popular data processing and analytic techniques, implementing existing packages to solve problems and using machine learning methods to answer questions about power system operations. Course Website

EE 554: Large Scale Power Systems (Fall 2021)

This is a graduate class that introduces power system operations from a modern point of view. No power engineering background is required. We focus on modeling, algorithms and understanding the open problems that is facing today’s grid. Course website

EE 351: Introduction to Energy Systems (Spring 2021)

First undergraduate class on power and energy systems. Broad introduction to all aspects of how power systems functions, including generation and transmission of electrical energy, power electronics, wind and solar, and electrical machines and drives. Course Website

EE 451/551: Wind Energy, Winter 2021

We will cover how electrical power is obtained from wind, perform basic calculations for wind power based on wind turbine characteristics and terrain, explain what are the main considerations for wind power integration, how to think probabilistically about uncertainties in wind power and solve optimization problems using commercial packages. Course Website,

EE 454: Power System Analysis (Fall 2020)

This course considers the operation of power systems. We will discuss the major problems in steady state power system analysis, solve power flow and optimal power flow problems, and understand stability concerns in the power system. Course Website

EE 553: Power System Economics, Spring 2017

Professional masters class. We will define and discuss the major problems in power system economics: optimization problem formulations and solutions; competition; bidding strategies; locational marginal prices; ancillary services; and investment decisions.
Course website: Main Website, Canvas (UW ID required, mainly for grading purposes))

EE 559: Optimization of Networks and Graphs, Winter 2017

Networks and graphs are used in almost all engineering disciplines, from communication to power systems to transportation. This class develops theoretical and algorithmic understanding of networks and graphs.
Course website: Main Website, Canvas (UW ID required, mainly for grading purposes))

EE 559: Special Topics in Power Systems (Spring 2015)

Various problems on smartgrid research including convexification of optimal power flow and how to think about uncertainties introduced by renewables. Course website: Canvas (UW ID required)